Cupcakes & Buttercream Kit
Cupcakes & Buttercream Kit
Cupcakes & Buttercream Kit
Cupcakes & Buttercream Kit
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Cupcakes & Buttercream Kit

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It can be tricky to send finished cupcakes in the mail, but we have these fabulous cupcake kits great for shipping. Get the parts you need to decorate yummy gluten-free cupcakes, without having to bake!
If you want classic meringue buttercream (more buttery, less sugary than frosting), then this is the kit for you.
Choose between our light butter sponge cupcakes, flavourful chocolate cupcakes, or dense moist almond cupcakes.

Each kit contains six undecorated cupcakes, one container of buttercream, a bag of meringue garnish pieces, a plastic piping bag, and instructions.

If you're planning an elegant dinner party and need a fancy dessert, make some mini cakes (pictured at bottom)! Our cupcakes are baked in panettone cups, which have straight sides, so you could unwrap and cut them into a few mini cake layers and fill and decorate how you wish! For extra sides of buttercream or other fillings, see the Cakes section of our shipping menu.

chocolate cake: brown sugar, buttermilk, coffee, expeller-pressed canola oil, pure oat flour, garfava flour, organic cocoa, free-range eggs, arrowroot starch, potato flour, organic brown rice flour, baking soda, guar gum, organic baking powder, vanilla bean, sea salt

butter sponge cake: organic cane sugar, free-range eggs, milk, butter, tapioca starch, potato starch, organic white rice flour, fonio flour, organic baking powder, sea salt, guar gum, vanilla bean

almond cake: free-range eggs, almond marzipan paste, butter, organic cane sugar, arrowroot flour, tapioca flour, organic garfava flour, organic sorghum flour, organic baking powder, sea salt, guar gum

buttercream: butter, organic cane sugar, free-range egg whites, flavour (lemon, chocolate, brown sugar or vanilla bean), sea salt

Does not contain: gluten, corn

If you are not decorating and serving your cupcakes right away, we recommend freezing them. They will freeze well up to a month, depending on the storage conditions.

See our Cake Tips page for handy decorating tips!


Each kit contains 6 cupcakes. Up to you to decide how many that will serve...;)