Where do I find you? Do I have to order ahead or can I just show up to shop?
We operate 2 locations in Victoria (one close to downtown, and one in Langford) with a wide range of goods available each day, and you can definitely just show up to shop. Find out more about our locations and hours here.

Can I hang out with my snack?
Our Goldstream location is fairly small without seating, but our Pandora location has some limited bar seating inside and a couple tables outside. We do not have an espresso bar, but we do serve Silk Road tea, Discovery Coffee french press coffee, and our housemade creamy chai!

What items are gluten-free?
Everything. Everything we make and sell is 100% gluten-free! No gluten allowed.

How do you make sure your ingredients are safe for celiacs?
We spend a lot of time carefully sourcing ingredients to make sure they are safe. We prefer to source ingredients that are labelled/certified gluten-free; however, it isn't always possible to order ingredients that are certified. In these cases, we have a thorough conversation with the distributor and/or supplier/farmer about the conditions surrounding the growing, harvesting, processing, and packaging stages of the ingredient to make sure gluten contamination is not a risk. We also ask for allergen statements from the suppliers. If we do need to substitute an ingredient with short notice, we have gluten testing strips on site.

What kind of ingredients do you use in place of wheat..?
There are lots of replacements for regular wheat flour and we use a variety of combinations of almost 20 'flour' ingredients. Rather than a 'master blend,' we use a different blend of flours for each of our products. Find out more here.

I have other allergies/diet restrictions; does Origin make anything for special diets?
Our priority is to make delicious gluten-free products. We do offer many items that are free of other allergens (dairy-free, for example), and you can find out more about options here. We do not offer custom baking or ingredient replacements.

Do you make anything sugar-free?
Everything we make has some kind of sweetener, which could be organic cane sugar, brown sugar, honey, brown rice syrup or maple syrup, and you will see ingredients by clicking on item names in our Menu. Find out more about sugar here.

Do you slice your breads?
No, we do not pre-slice our breads - find out more here.

Do your breads freeze well? Can I thaw and freeze bread again?
Yes, our bread will usually freeze well up to 2 months, depending on your freezer and how you package the bread. You can definitely thaw, slice and re-freeze our bread. This will dry it out a bit more, but texture will be great again when you toast it. Find out more here.

Do you have nutritional information available?
You will see ingredients listed in order of weight when you click on items in our product Menu. We do have nutritional info available for our Breads here.

I have a special health condition; are you able to help me figure out what products are best for me?
We are good at making gluten-free stuff. If you know what ingredients you are avoiding, we can show you the products without those ingredients. We are not qualified to give health advice or dietary advice; however, we do have a great resource on our website called Origin Community Health Network! It's a free listing of health and wellness professionals in Victoria who would like to reach out to our customers.

Do you make special cakes?
We make delicious cakes and you won't miss the gluten! Whether it's a birthday cake or just for fun, we can make you a variety of cakes - just make sure to order 2 business days ahead. We also offer wedding cake consultations; contact general manager Jill Olson to set up an appointment.
Find out more about our standard cake flavours in the Cake section of our Menu.
We do not offer sugar-free cakes, and we have one vegan cake option at this time.

Can I have custom decoration on my cake?
We can offer special decoration on cakes, such as gum paste or buttercream flowers, chocolate scrolling, painting/imagery, fondant masking, etc. Pricing and order lead time will depend on design requirements, and this will be established after a customer consultation with the general manager and kitchen manager.

How do I place an order?
You can phone the location of your choice or follow our easy instructions online to place an order through our website! You'll see details about order times and conditions.

Does Origin offer catering?
We do not offer catering services at this time; however, we do supply wholesale products to other companies, including several catering businesses in Victoria. Find out which businesses here.

Does Origin deliver?
We do not offer direct delivery at this time, but you are able to order some Origin items through local delivery company Accio.

Does Origin ship?
We do offer limited shipping within BC for items not requiring refrigeration and that have more than a 1 day shelf-life. We use Canada Post expedited, which usually takes 1-2 days to reach you, depending where you live! We will ask for your credit card information and process the order with shipping cost added. Feel free to contact us to find out if we can ship the items you'd like.

What if I'm not happy with my items?
We try our best, but sometimes we screw up and our product is not made how it should be made! Please feel free to return a product that isn't properly made and we will offer a full exchange or credit. We do not accept returns of properly made items that are unsatisfactory due to your personal taste preference. Find out more here.

What if I want to return something because I changed my mind?
We are not able to accept food returns, since we cannot resell these items. Make sure to find out before buying if the ingredients are suitable for any restrictions to your diet.

How can I apply for a job at Origin?
You can email your cover letter and resume to general manager Jill Olson. Please include your availability in your cover letter.

How do I get Origin products at my business?
For wholesale inquiries, please contact Jill Olson. See a current listing of our wholesale customers here.